The Studland Bay Marine Partnership has successfully raised £66,000 for the installation of  22 eco-moorings – sustainable alternatives to anchors that protect the seabed – in a united effort to protect Studland’s seagrass meadows and seahorses. Having successfully installed 10 to date, raising additional funds will help protect the diverse marine life in Studland Bay.

Boatfolk - Eco mooring illustration

Michael Prideaux, Managing Director of boatfolk, said: ‘It is a joy to see how the magic of the seahorse has captured the hearts and minds of so many and that support for the eco-mooring project continues to be so positive. At boatfolk, we believe that as custodians of the water we have a responsibility to protect the marine environment and all the species that live below its surface, and we are humbled to see that the UK boating community feels this responsibility as keenly as we do.’

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