Ribcraft has been selected to provide Banna Rescue with a new 4.8m professional grade RIB, to replace its aging craft. Banna Rescue is an independent Search and Rescue (SAR) team, grouped under the Community Rescue Boats of Ireland (CRBI) umbrella. Banna Rescue is also the oldest independent lifeboat team in Kerry and is entirely led and run by volunteers. The team responds to marine emergencies 24/7/365 and conducts intervention patrols during peak periods.

“We are thrilled to partner with Banna Rescue and contribute to their modernisation efforts,” said Jack Clempson, Director of Operations at Ribcraft. “Our Ribcraft PRO 4.8, with its bespoke design and cutting-edge technology, is a testament to our commitment to supporting the brave men and women who risk their lives to rescue others. We believe this vessel will significantly enhance their ability to carry out their critical mission.”

Ribcraft - Banna Rescue - L - R:Roger Craddock (Banna Rescue), Charlie Chan (Ribcraft), Thomas Ward (Chairman, Banna Rescue), Diyana Dimitrova (Banna Rescue)

L – R:Roger Craddock (Banna Rescue), Charlie Chan (Ribcraft), Thomas Ward (Chairman, Banna Rescue), Diyana Dimitrova (Banna Rescue)

The Ribcraft 4.8 PRO is a versatile RIB, designed to adapt to a variety of applications, incorporating safety, strength, reliability, and comfort for use on the water. The boat’s bespoke layout is optimised for search and rescue missions, featuring a custom-built bow pod that streamlines functionality and maximises deck space. The bow pod not only houses the electrical system and navigation gear but also incorporates waterproof storage lockers, ensuring crucial equipment like first aid kits, manual navigation aids, and pyrotechnics are readily accessible and protected from the elements.

Banna Rescue is currently modernising its ambitious program, and this new Ribcraft model will certainly support and advance the team’s efforts. The hull embodies the traditional Ribcraft British-built design, while embracing modern innovation with its entirely composite, timber-free construction.

Brian Crean from Banna Rescue said, “Independent Marine Search and Rescue teams in Ireland are facing some significant challenges with a number regulatory and operational changes on the horizon. The Ribcraft 4.8 PRO is a meaningful expansion in terms of equipment: a modern, faster, and more capable vessel. It will be a first-class asset dedicated to saving lives and brings us tantalising close to completing our modernisation programme.”

The interior incorporates the latest technology, which includes the Raymarine CAM220 Augmented Reality Pack, ensuring that Banna Rescue’s new craft is equipped with cutting-edge features. This high-definition, day and night network dome video camera is suitable for both above and below deck applications, enhancing the vessel’s surveillance capabilities regardless of the time or conditions.

At the forefront of this boat’s design is Banna Rescue’s core value: safety, safety. Ribcraft vessels ensure that the amazing volunteers and crew are always kept safe by providing the very best safety equipment on board, as well as a design that has proven its reliability time and time again.

Furthermore, the powerful Yamaha F60 engine propels the new Banna Rescue boat to an impressive 35 knots, a significant improvement over their previous 25-knot boat. This enhanced speed enables them to reach those in need swiftly and efficiently, ultimately saving valuable time in emergency situations.

Brian Crean continues, “Marine Search and Rescue is inherently a risky endeavour, but Ribcraft were the perfect partner, as they already had the pedigree and a proven vessel, that many Search and Rescue teams worldwide are using. The waters off the west coast of Ireland are notoriously wild and this next generation vessel should proudly serve the Tralee Bay area for many years to come.”

The entire Ribcraft team is proud to have collaborated on this project and eagerly anticipates the positive impact this new RIB will have on water safety in the region.

Visit: www.ribcraft.co.uk

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