About Powerboat & RIB

Powerboat & RIB is an established title with over 25 years experience and know-how. We are delighted to boast a genuinely exceptional editorial team of first-class highly experienced and respected marine writers, experts and journalists. Our team really know what they’re talking about!

PBR vigorously promotes boating activity, inspiring and encouraging readers to get out on the water and use their boats and equipment to the full. Our magazine helps consumers stay ahead with the latest boat, engine and product releases, plus breaking stories and events.

Our primary goal is to supply valid editorial to inform, inspire, help, advise and entertain the consumer, whilst fully supporting this exciting sector of the marine market.

Why advertise in PBR?

PBR is now one of only two ‘motor’ or ‘powerboat’ magazines sold on the UK newsstands. PBR has consistently been the biggest magazine in this sector over the last 2 years, in terms of high-quality content and pagination.

PBR dedicates more space to cruising stories, boat tests and other key features than any other marine title, which means your products benefit from truly unrivaled exposure. PBR is full of quality editorial and stunning photography. By adding interviews, gear tests, toys, professional reports, technical and instructional features, PBR is valued and enjoyed by the enthusiast and professional alike. It does not follow a tired and clinical formula! We believe both the reader and supplier benefit from our refreshingly different approach as PBR is dedicated and focused on actual boat ownership along with the people and the stories behind them. Our famous boat tests and reviews always inform consumers with 100% honesty; yes – we publish the good and the bad, and achieve respect from our readers and the industry for our editorial integrity. We offer honest consumer advice, and our readers listen!

So much diversity…

We regularly feature everything from luxury classics to your inshore run about, from RIBs (both big and small) to offshore performance craft, from fishing boats to fly-bridge cruisers, PWCs, super-yacht tenders and bizarre ‘one-off craft’. We also feature “Used and Approved” craft, reporting on used boats both large and small. PBR is the only title to carry them all!

Whether a reader goes to sea for his profession or for leisure, Powerboat & RIB magazine’s content delivers and satisfies both interests equally. This successful approach, appealing to both readerships is unique, something we are very proud of. No other marine title on sale here in the UK offers such diversity, richness and value for money.

Interactive Adverts

With the addition of the Interactive Digital Edition and Apps, the magazine is also enhanced with video content and live links.

Advertisers can have YouTube/Vimeo video content embedded into their adverts without any extra charge. The Digital Edition can also feature extra pop-ups and jump in graphic messages/ads. Readers can bookmark, clip, download and share digital content.


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    Print & Digital Magazine Advertising

    The placing of display advertisements in Powerboat & RIB magazine provides a targeted means of promoting your product via print and digital media to the entire ‘up to 50ft’ powerboat market. Please do request our Media Pack with its highly competitive ratecard which allows for substantial discounts for those able to consider a professional campaign with a series of placements. An advertisement in PBR is half the price of its closest competitor magazine and stays on the shelf for twice as long.

    Social Media Bundles

    Powerboat & RIB magazine recognises the value of a combined approach to advertising, and the importance of backing up essential print advertising with sustained online and social media exposure for your brand. PBR are able to offer a selection of bundles to provide an effective all around solution via PBR online channels. Our collective digital audience is 93k.

    Instagram – 46k+ followers

    Powerboat & RIB is proud to have the largest UK boating magazine Instagram following producing per post an average of 800-1200 likes with general engagement of between 3k-5k instagram accounts, and impressions of between 6k-15k

    Facebook – 21k followers
    Twitter – 2k followers
    YouTube – 3.5k followers

    Our social media packages are great ways to promote your brands on our Instagram and with all our other channels included in the package. Check out our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum packages.

    Want a bespoke Instagram Reel?

    Bespoke instagram reel, made from your supplied video footage, for posting on our Instagram – average interaction of approx 5-6000 views.

    Website Advertising

    Advertise on our website with homepage MPU’s and Advertising Features, and all-content page MPU’s.

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