Archipelago Interview – Long-Term Benefits

In this exclusive interview, HMS speaks to Stephen Weatherley, founder and CEO of WSW Marine, about hydrogen, HVO and the development of his sustainability-focused, long-distance, hybrid-powered ‘Archipelago’ catamaran. Could you provide some background to the Archipelago project and what inspired

30th April 2024|Categories: FEATURES|

The Price Of Power – Lithium-Ion Batteries

Is the use of lithium-ion batteries plain sailing? PBR’s Jeremy Webb investigates the pros, the cons and the technology behind the power and in the process uncovers a host of sobering, timely facts relative to everyone putting to sea. You

17th April 2024|Categories: FEATURES, SUSTAINABLE BOATING|

From The Helm – Serious Firepower

Championship racer Dorian Griffith provides an engaging, not to say lively, first-hand account of this year’s Cowes–Torquay–Cowes offshore powerboat race. Brace yourself for a rough ride aboard his 42ft Cougar thoroughbred, Blastoff! The British Powerboat Racing Club’s Cowes–Torquay–Cowes 2023 event

8th April 2024|Categories: FEATURES|

The Good, the Bad and the Algae – Sargassum Seaweed

As Giovanna Fasanelli, PBR’s environmental expert, reports, the truth about sargassum seaweed may be both complex and elusive, but either way, it’s certainly of interest to us all. Let’s be clear: the colossal floating gardens of sargassum seaweed that Columbus

28th February 2024|Categories: FEATURES|

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