Scanstrut – The Art of Design – Marine Technology

HMS conducts an exclusive interview with those responsible for delivering Scanstrut’s industry-leading design initiatives - technologies that have caused this UK brand to become one of the most respected in the outdoor and maritime world globally.  In the hot seat

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LXNAV Marine – New technologies for air and sea …

LXNAV Marine are a branch of LXNAV, an aviation navigational equipment manufacturer based in Slovenia. Established 15 years ago, the company, mostly made up of software and hardware developers, produces high-tech avionics for aviation. After years of success and more

28th November 2023|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

The Latest in Lithium Power                           

Advances in lithium battery technology provide greater domestic capacity. Known for their innovative autonomous power solutions, Mastervolt’s new lithium-ion battery range offers impressive power reserves. The MLI Ultra 12/3000, the MLI Ultra 12/6000 and the MLI Ultra 24/6000, boasting lighter

6th June 2023|Categories: EQUIPMENT|

Arksen Discovery Series

Wellcraft - Push your limits with the Wellcraft 355

Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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