Atlantic RIBS 7.6m

22nd May 2024|BOAT TESTS|

Atlantic RIBs - Made in China and assembled in the UK, a brand-new make of RIB shall soon be carving its wake through our waters. Sensibly priced and built for family use, the Atlantic RIB is set to make a most welcome addition to the home market. HMS reports on both the boat and the driving force behind it. Who can deny that taking up boating can be an expensive affair? For example, 50K certainly doesn’t buy you what it once did 15 to 20 years ago. The cost of raw materials, supply chain issues throughout and since COVID,

Torqeedo H2C RIB

2nd May 2024|ENGINE TESTS|

Is this prototype the next step toward realistic green planing power? With an ever-sharpening focus on climate warming, questions are being raised about the concept of fossil fuel boating. At this moment in time, zero-carbon or low-carbon boating lags behind the automotive industry, and for good reason. Planing powerboats have big power needs, so only craft like the hydrofoiling Navier N30, featured in this issue, have any chance of providing the pleasure boater with a degree of realistic use on the water. However, Torqeedo, one of the first pioneers of electric propulsion, have teamed up with H2 Marine Solutions

Simrad HALO 5000

21st May 2024|EQUIPMENT|

Simrad’s first IMO-approved solid-state radar for the commercial market … The HALO 5000 is Simrad’s first IMO-approved solid-state radar for the commercial sector. It has 130W pulse compression providing excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Its new Target Tracking allows users to automatically monitor thousands of radar targets within a 24nm zone, displaying as many as 100 of those targets on screen simultaneously, while its maximum range is 48 miles. Additionally, the new radar includes an adapted transmission pulse burst scheme, an ‘Advanced Performance Monitor’ device and detailed technical manuals allowing it to meet or exceed IMO requirements. The

  • Marina and luxury flats, St Katharine Dock, London, England, UK

Ports of Call: St Katharine Docks

22nd May 2024|LOCATIONS|

Based in the heart of London, perfect for exploring the Thames and its reaches, there is no marina like St Katharine’s, as Mark Featherstone and Jo Moon were to discover! Even though winter’s grip may still seek to do its worst, for all of us who love the water, we set our sights on the season ahead and the promise of spring when our coastlines come alive and the seas sparkle blue once more. While the winter months may represent a boating ‘downtime’ for many of us, they can still offer good opportunities to do some exploring with the

  • Hybrid-powered Archipelago catamaran

Archipelago Interview – Long-Term Benefits

30th April 2024|FEATURES|

In this exclusive interview, HMS speaks to Stephen Weatherley, founder and CEO of WSW Marine, about hydrogen, HVO and the development of his sustainability-focused, long-distance, hybrid-powered ‘Archipelago’ catamaran. Could you provide some background to the Archipelago project and what inspired the company’s inception? I started Archipelago Yachts in early 2021, ultimately because I couldn’t find a boat that I wanted on the market. I’ve always had boats in my family, sailing and motor, but I’ve always had a passion for proper seaworthiness and excellent naval architecture. My first sailing boat was a Contessa 32, which is a classic seaworthy

Arksen Discovery Series

Wellcraft - Push your limits with the Wellcraft 355

Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign