Top Tips Video Series: Are You a New Boater Looking for Some Top Tips to Get Started Boating?

Who's ready for all the boating adventures 2024 has in store? Are you a new boater, new to boating and looking for some boating top tips to #getstartedboating? Parker Boats have teamed up with us and Tide Media to bring

16th April 2024|Categories: TUITION|

Back to Basics Part 4: Buoys and Pilotage

In the fourth article in this ‘Back to Basics’ series, Paul Glatzel focuses on the key navigation elements of buoyage and pilotage …  Previously, we’ve looked at the subjects of the COLREGs, charts and tides. The final elements of navigation

25th January 2024|Categories: TUITION|Tags: , , |

Back to Basics Part 2: Interpreting your Charts and Chartplotter

In the second part of this Back to Basics series, Paul Glatzel underlines the importance of understanding and using charts and a chartplotter when afloat … Welcome to the second in this series of Back to Basics articles. Whether you

16th January 2024|Categories: TUITION|
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