Ask The Expert – Wise Before the Event

HMS asks international maritime expert, Russell Kerslake, to explain first-hand his professional and unbiased opinion on such matters as boat choice, kit selection and advance planning. Among other professional roles, I have been involved with several team training tasks for

28th November 2023|Categories: GET STARTED BOATING|

Get Started Boating: The People’s Charter

PBR correspondent Malcolm Thomas, a professional charter boat skipper himself, provides valuable guidance and insight for would-be skippers, owners and guests on the benefits and attractions associated with motorboat charter.   Flavian DSouza, an elected master of the most

23rd December 2022|Categories: GET STARTED BOATING|

User Chooser – Saxdor 200 Adventure Vessel

The Lamb family tell Alex Whittaker why they chose their boat and how they use ’Stress Pancake’ Alex, Clare and young Hudson Lamb are definitely a modern outdoor adventure family. They are always blasting about on powerboats and exploring remote

11th August 2022|Categories: GET STARTED BOATING|

This Boating Life – Running a Small Sports Cruiser

Alex Whittaker offers some simple practical advice to those new to powerboating. Buying and insuring your new boat and getting her onto the water is all well and good. Operating her safely and efficiently introduces a whole new set of

29th December 2021|Categories: GET STARTED BOATING|

Starter Boat Packages under £50k

We provide some helpful guidance for those considering buying their first boat along with a selection of 40 boat packages at under £50K - many with special PBR discounts and offers. Some prices and availability may have fluctuated since publication in

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For Family Fun, Try a Motor Boat

The RYA’s one-day, stand-alone Start Motor Cruising Course is designed for potential crew who are complete novices.Cruising, even in coastal waters, requires a degree of self-sufficiency, and there will be a range of challenges to face that don’t happen ashore.

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Drysuits – Buyers Guide

Alex Smith examines some of the best drysuits money can buy. A drysuit is basically a waterproof, body-shaped garment built from a combination of neoprene, latex and Gore-Tex and sealed by means of a heavyweight rubber-lined zip. The zip runs

RCD or OCD? 19 page special feature on the Recreational Craft Directive / CE Mark

DOWNLOAD VIA THE ABOVE READER RCD or OCD?  That is the Question … We take a look at the Recreational Craft Directive in our 19 page special feature comprising the following three parts: Part 1 The essential overview of the Recreational

Arksen Discovery Series

Wellcraft - Push your limits with the Wellcraft 355

Premier Marinas Dry Stack - Trafalgar Wharf

Henri Lloyd

Yamaha - The most exciting way to get from A to B campaign

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