BRP iDock
BRP have just announced the launch of a joystick system for their G2 outboard engine range. The new iDock joystick piloting system, as it is known, will be available for all twin E-TEC G2 150hp to 300hp engine installations.
The system enables skippers to side-walk their boats or spin 360 within their own length, all with easy fingertip control via the joystick. If extra power is needed to overcome wind or current, as with all joystick systems, boaters can simply push the stick further in the desired direction of travel. BRP claim, not unrealistically, that the simplicity of the system makes it easy to quickly get to grips with.
The Evinrude iDock connects with the existing internal hydraulic steering set-up. As it uses existing E-TEC G2 technology and software, installation time is minimised and typically requires less than one hour of ‘on-the-water set-up and calibration’. This enables BRP to offer iDock for a very reasonable £5,999 (inc. VAT), which includes the joystick, module and hydraulic hoses. BRP’s Dynamic Power Steering system, or DPS for short, which incorporates the hydraulic steering system within the transom bracket, aside from being unique, is a very effective method of steering an outboard engine. It is likely that when BRP launched the G2 engine range in 2014, iDock was already firmly on the drawing board. The steering response of DPS is perfect for outboard joystick control, which requires quick engine vectoring for a seamless effect. E-TEC G2 iDock engines will be sold in pairs, and will be available at the end of 2017.


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