Dometic have always been big in the field of boat chillers, and this year at the London Boat Show they had some serious new coolers on show.

For the average middleweight sports boat owner their new Cool-Ice range looked spot on. These boxes are non-powered, so there is no need for DC or AC power, and it is claimed that they have incredible cooling power, to the point of keeping ice frozen for up to 10 days. The Cool-Ice units feature an extremely effective insulation system to keep food and drink fresh and cool on board, or for storing a catch for several days during sea angling trips. They are made from seamless, robust plastic to withstand the roughest conditions. They also feature thick refrigeration-grade foam insulation and a unique labyrinth sealing design.

A modular storage system enables the contents to be conveniently organised using wire baskets and dividers. Various practical accessories are available, including seat cushions, rod holders and bottle openers. Lightweight and easy to carry, the iceboxes come with strong ergonomic handles. The Cool-Ice CI 85W features wheels in addition to a pull-out handle. Smooth contours and durable, integrated hinges and feet ensure the boxes can be conveniently stored when space is limited. Practical tie-down points are included below the handles for securing on deck. All coolers come with a drain plug for cleaning.

The heavy-duty series range in size from the 43-litre-capacity Cool-Ice CI 42 up to the 111-litre Cool-Ice CI 110. The smaller models in the series, the Cool-Ice WCI 13 (13L), Cool-Ice WCI 22 (22L) and Cool-Ice WCI 33 (33L), are still available in the original robust design with a strong shoulder strap. Prices for the Cool-Ice range start at £69.

The new CoolFreeze CFX 75DZW is a combined compressor fridge/freezer whose compact size and easy mobility make it ideal for a wide range of craft. The robust 70-litre-capacity cooler and freezer has low power needs, operates extremely quietly and efficiently, and is suitable for solar operation.

The heavy-duty mobile compressor unit has two temperature zones, one of 43-litre capacity and one of 27 litres, so users can choose to have a fridge and a freezer, or two fridges or two freezers. The separate compartments have their own digital displays for simultaneous cooling and freezing. The temperature can also be set and monitored with an easy-to-use Wi-Fi app. Both compartments have their own separate lid to minimise cooling loss when the box is opened.

Offering excellent cooling performance even with high outside temperatures, the desired temperature can be accurately set for deep-freezing down to -22°C. A separate fresh-food compartment inside keeps sensitive items such as fruit, vegetables and dairy products frost-free. Easy to transport, the CFX series of cool boxes feature a heavy-duty design with reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a robust lid coating.

The CFX 75DZW can be operated on 12 or 24 volts DC as well as on any AC voltage between 100 and 240 volts. Priced at £1,086, it is a case of you get what you pay for.


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