Oozing Mediterranean style, this is still a tough Nordic/Germanic powerboat.

Following closely in the wake of the 41 XL/XP, this smaller sibling also comes in two versions. Whether you choose the more traditional diesel sterndrive model over the 800hp outboard-powered 39 XP will be largely down to personal taste, as either boat will be an exciting drive. The twin 440hp D6 sterndriven 39 XL will have huge amounts of low-down torque, which will put this 39-footer past 40 knots before you realise it. This is not to say that the twin 400hp 5.7L V10 Verados will be sluggish in comparison – far from it – and its silky-smooth petrol power delivery has a strong appeal.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

Fjord 44 coupe

The 39 XL can also be specified with twin 320hp Volvo D4s, which, like the D6 version, drives through DPI sterndrives. However, the D6 boat will be the most realistic diesel-powered option. If you are happy with the higher fuel costs and are able to access dockside petrol, then the Verado-powered XP version has a lot going for it. There will be loads of underdeck storage as a result of not having to house a couple of big diesel engines, and steering response is likely to be a bit quicker. In this regard, the XP is nearly a tonne lighter than the D6-driven XL. Servicing will be cheaper with outboards, which if you are not clocking up loads of sea miles means the XP is actually a cheaper boat to run – not to mention the exhaust-tone kudos from two big V10s. One feature that both engine options offer is joystick berthing, and Mercury also have the option of Skyhook – a ‘digital anchoring system’ that holds the vessel’s position by automatically vectoring the sterndrives.     

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

The on-deck design makes best possible use of the boat’s wide beam

Both models have the benefit of a tough sandwich construction hull, with a robust inner grid of stringers, and an isophthalic gelcoat. The hull design has enjoyed extensive CFD to create the same sure-footed rough weather driving experience capabilities of its siblings, as well as the dry ride that this company’s high topside hulls are renowned for. Its distinctive T-top and tall windscreen provide a good degree of weather protection, while still giving an open-boat feel from its open-sided design.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

The bathing ladder can also be elevated to provide dockside access.

The helm arrangement is focused on a central driving position, giving you a good view over either beam. Two seats are standard fitment, while a third seat on the port side of the helmsman is an extra. The ergonomics are good, either sitting or standing, with flip-up bolster seats and a high foot rail offering you the best of both worlds. Two 12in Simrad evo3S MFDs keep the skipper informed, while the wheel, throttles and joystick sit where you want them. There is the option of twin 16in evo3S displays, which is a good choice as this fills out the dash panel, proving that all-informing Glass Bridge effect. The entire cockpit is shaded by a very long T-top. Its robust roof pillars are integrated into the bulwarks, thereby providing maximum stability without encroaching on deck space. The deeply recessed side decks are about as secure as you can get for a boat this size.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP - This dash can house twin 12in or twin 16in MFDs.

This dash can house twin 12in or twin 16in MFDs.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

Fjord 44 coupe

Given that the standard deck layout is pretty much open plan, with just a row of bench seating behind the helm, the very generous galley is an optional extra. It features a sink, a large work surface and a choice of a gas grill or cooker. If needed, up to three refrigerators are available, one of which is a pull-out under the bench seat behind the galley. The seating area, with two foldable and electric hi/lo tables, can accommodate up to eight people. A large electrically opening sunbed on the aft deck sits on top of a big storage space, which in the Fjord 39 XP extends deep into the hull. Going forward takes you to a large sunbed on the forecabin coachroof, and an anchor locker hides beneath a forepeak deck hatch. At a glance, the drop-down cleats sitting atop the bulwarks are barely noticeable, while the standard-fitment decking is synthetic and available in eight different variations. If you must have it, real teak is an optional extra.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

The vertical stem bow has the typical Fjord sharp forefoot.

With either model, a large bathing platform sits on the stern. A cleverly designed multifunctional ladder is integrated in both the sterndrive and outboard versions, mounted on the port quarter. It can be used either as a gangway to a high dockside or as easy steps down into the water – ideal for those not inclined to climb up or down a bathing ladder. It can be extended and adjusted at the press of a switch.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP

All-round deck access is excellent. 3: The outboard XP is just slightly longer than the XL.

The interior concept of the Fjord 39 makes optimum use of every inch of space below deck. The cabin is equipped with a wide double berth, with drawers underneath. Built-in cupboards on the port side offer plenty of storage space, which can be expanded upon with a wardrobe on the starboard side. A standard-fitment refrigerator on the port side provides additional storage for cold items, if three fridges topside is not enough. The fully equipped heads with separate shower and full standing headroom sits on the starboard side. There is a choice of four different design styles for the interior, each with a balanced mix of colours and materials.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP Basic layout without extra seating and T-top.

Basic layout without extra seating and T-top.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP  Optional full-deck layout that most will choose.

Optional full-deck layout that most will choose.

Fjord 39 XL - Fjord 39 XP  Below, the layout is one reasonably spacious double cabin.

Below, the layout is one reasonably spacious double cabin.


  • XP LOA: 11.97m     
  • XL LOA: 11.95m                       
  • Beam: 3.87m
  • XL draught: 1.11m
  • XP draught: 0.83m
  • Displacement: TBC
  • XL fuel capacity: 1140L
  • Water capacity: 200L    
  • Berths: 2
  • CE rating: B for 12
  • XP engine options: Twin 400hp Mercury V10 Verado outboards   
  • XL engine options: Twin 320hp Volvo D4s with DPI sterndrives 
  • Twin 440hp Volvo D6s with DPI sterndrives    

Approximate basic prices

(including delivery to Inspiration Marine on the Hamble and commissioning)

  • 39 XP with twin 400hp Mercury Verados: 696,100 euros (inc. VAT)
  • 39 XL with twin 320hp Volvo D4s: 648,720 euros (inc. VAT)
  • 39 XL with twin 440hp Volvo D6s: 720,000 euros (inc. VAT)      




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