Garmin Striker
Garmin’s new Striker ranger is a great complement to their newly launched Echomap Plus. Though it has no true chartplotting facilities as such, it is GPS enabled and provides speed over ground and chart coordinates, as well as the ability to mark and navigate to waypoints. The Striker provides great in-depth (no pun intended) information about what sits and swims beneath you. Courtesy of ClearVu scanning, detailed fish imaging can be seen at 230ft, traditional CHIRP sonar gives depth readings to 2300ft and CHIRP SideVu images can be seen as far out as 500ft.
Its key feature is Quick Draw Contours, which enables users to create HD fishing maps with 1ft contours as they pass over the seabed. The Striker can store up to 2 million acres of HD fishing maps. With the ActiveCaptain app you can connect to the 7″ and 9″ Striker models via Wi-Fi, thereby enabling software updates and waypoint backup. This also allows users to upload/download to and from the Quick Draw community of ‘user-created’ fishing maps.


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