Lowrance FishHunter Pro and FishHunter 3D
The FishHunter Pro and FishHunter 3D are perfect pieces of kit for every type of fisherman. The only thing you require is a smartphone, and that doesn’t even need to have a signal. Simply cast these all-seeing spheres into the water and they will transmit back to your phone via Wi-Fi.
The FishHunter Pro features a tri-frequency transducer (381kHz, 475kHz and 675kHz) offering four ways to view sonar data: Fish (fish symbols), Raw (fish arches), Bathymetric and Ice Fishing Flasher views. Using its Bathymetric view, anglers can troll the FishHunter Pro behind a boat to create bathymetric maps of an entire lake or favourite fishing spot.
The FishHunter 3D, which incorporates five tri-frequency transducers, offers five functional views, including 3D Fishing and Ice Fishing Flasher, as well as a Directional Casting View that pinpoints fish depth and location relative to the transducer. The FishHunter 3D can be trolled behind a boat to create bathymetric or structure maps of fishing areas in the same manner as the Pro.
The FishHunter’s unique buoy-shaped design makes it difficult to submerge and increases the reliability of its Wi-Fi connection. The antenna protruding from the top of the FishHunter ensures constant Wi-Fi connectivity for the highest image quality and signal range. By communicating through Wi-Fi, smartphones paired with the FishHunter are still able to receive texts and calls. The FishHunter Pro provides a 150ft depth and 160ft Wi-Fi range, and the FishHunter 3D offers a 160ft depth and a 200ft Wi-Fi range. The FishHunter’s rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours of active use and 500 hours on standby.
Both models feature LED illumination, making them easy to locate. The FishHunter smartphone and tablet apps can be downloaded through the Apple iTunes store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. The FishHunter app includes social features allowing anglers to log catches and waypoints, follow friends and even live-stream catches from around the world.
The Lowrance FishHunter Pro is available for £150 and the FishHunter 3D for £190 (inc. VAT) (subject to exchange rate).


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