Launched at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in November 2017, MasterTrim is the latest refinement to the concept of surface propulsion. Developed by Twin Disc for their surface-piercing Arneson Surface Drive range, MasterTrim is an automated trim control system. It works in principle with the various automatic outboard trim systems, such as Mercury’s Active Trim, while integrating trim tab or interceptor blade control at the same time. Given that it is aimed at the high-performance and offshore race boat sector, where the helmsman and navigator inevitably have their brains focused on other matters, such a system should prove its worth.
It uses a combination of different sensors, gauging lateral trim, fore and aft trim, and speed, courtesy of GPS. This will enable any surface-driven boat fitted with MasterTrim to get onto the plane quicker thanks to fast-reacting simultaneous drive and trim tab/interceptor control. The set-up also enables manual control/override should the need arise, as well as offering a selection of preprogrammed modes for different sea conditions. This will enable the helmsman to set the system to what he considers ideal for his boat for different sea states.
MasterTrim will be available on Arneson ASD08, ASD10, ASD11, ASD12 and ASD14 surface drive units in the spring of 2018.


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