HMS provides an overview of Prestige’s all-new flagship and reveals the advantages associated with a modern catamaran of motor yacht design.

Prestige, a world leader in motor yachts from 40 to 70 ft, have just launched the M8, the flagship of their multihull yacht line, the M-Line. With its multihull configuration, this new model affords space and comfort equivalent to that of an 85ft monohull yacht. In so doing, it takes a step forward in terms of luxury and refinement, with a big emphasis on living space and accommodation.

A catamaran such as the M8 offers unrivalled deck space and configuration opportunities.

‘The M8, flagship of the M-Line, represents the quintessence of our savoir-faire in terms of design, elegance, and fit and finish,’ stated its makers. Garroni Design, the studio that crafted the identity of the Prestige range over 30 years ago, were charged with the task of designing the new model and ensuring that the key aesthetic codes of Prestige’s heritage were preserved within the configuration of a multihull. The result is the M8, which features a distinctive hull designed for purpose as a unique motor yacht. The design is narrower but still taller than a sailing catamaran and offers an unequalled surface area and dimensions never before seen in existing multihulls in the market.

Prestige M8 Deck space

The elements of deck furniture are modular.

Prestige M8 modular seating

Designed for open water

With over 270m2 of living space, the M8 features spacious suites, occupying the full beam of the yacht. Two hulls, rather than the standard one, ensure natural stability without the need for stabilisation, and the twin hulls’ seaworthiness is aided be a centre of gravity that affords a comfortable ride even in heavy seas. Roll reduction is apparently excellent too, both at anchor and underway. Furthermore, the advantage of a catamaran hull is that it doesn’t need to plane to gain stability. Equipped with twin Volvo D8 600hp engines, the catamaran will be certified Category A and will perform through pretty much any commonly found sea state at speeds of up to 20 knots. While still affording the same volume of living space, the hull’s characteristics mean that the M8 consumes half as much fuel as an equivalent monohull. For example, at 8 knots, fuel consumption is limited to just 20L/hr. In addition to her fuel economy, from 8 to 18 knots, the M8’s hydrodynamic efficiency also helps reduce the Volvo engines’ CO2 emissions.

The M8’s spacious flybridge, with an area of 50m2, features an interior and exterior access, a helm station with seating for two and fabulous social areas.

The M8’s on-board systems have also been optimised in order to reduce energy consumption by 50%. This means it can operate at night and for several hours during the day using only battery power. As an option, the Silent Boat Pack integrates a large surface area of solar panels and a substantial lithium battery bank.

On-board features

With over 270m2 of living space, the M8 features spacious suites, occupying the full beam of the yacht.

With over 270m2 of living space, the M8 features spacious suites, occupying the full beam of the yacht.

The side decks, secured by high railings, can be seen as wide walkways directly connected to the central main deck, which is accessed via two side doors. The cockpit represents a generous surface area of 32m2, with direct access to the flybridge. The elements of deck furniture are modular, but the mobile platform, at 4.20m wide, is a key innovation: this true beach club can also serve as a cockpit terrace, extending the two aft transoms, or it can be lowered underwater to facilitate launching a tender. Between the hulls, steps deploy automatically to facilitate access to the water and boarding. A vast storage locker enables the storage of equipment and water toys too.

A huge saloon for eight people is complemented by an immense sun deck; furthermore, the two forward bows can be configured as crew cabins if so required. A railing encircles this entire area, including accesses to the forward saloon. The M8’s spacious flybridge, with its surface area of 50m2, features an interior and exterior access, a full helm station with seating for two and a table surrounded by eight generous armchairs. The luxury of space can also be felt in the galley, the saloon and the staterooms. For the galley, the M8 offers two configurations: a U-shaped galley that can either be located to the starboard side on the main deck or to aft in the starboard hull. Either way, the modular saloon and dining area totals nearly 50m2 and is flooded with natural light.

With numerous benefits associated with its multihull design, including its generous space, internal profusion of light, private accommodation, exceptional stability and reduced fuel use, the M8 is likely to be a massive success for Prestige and a worthy addition to their forward-thinking model range.

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