Think functional and contemporary design, coupled to a world-class hull and you have the latest from Scandinavian boatbuilder Ryds, now imported into the UK courtesy of boatpoint.

Named after the town of Ryd in the province of Småland, Sweden, Ryds Båtindustri were formed as a maker of fishing rods by javelin thrower Gunnar Petersson in 1948. Scroll on to 1959 and the company was found broadening its manufacturing aspirations upon the commencement of building its first line of sports fishing craft. Since those formative years, the yard has produced well over 200,000 boats, chiefly for the Scandinavian leisure market, and today it boasts in the region of 28 employees, with 2021 producing a published turnover of SEK75 million.

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Ryds 650DC VI

With an ever-growing reputation for delivering an admirable mix of both function and form, the merits of the Ryds brand have become respected in many countries across northern Europe. This now includes the UK, which sees boatpoint snapping up the opportunity to add Ryds to their product roster. (The latter also includes the Quarken range of leisure craft. If you wish, check out edition 184 of PBR for our evaluation of the Quarken 27 Cabin.)

Commencing with the introduction of two models from the Scandinavian manufacturer’s 2023 catalogue, the Ryds 650VI DC and the 735VI OB, boatpoint are evidently desirous of making their mark within the higher echelons of the family-orientated sports boat market, where the likes of Parker, Finnmaster and Yamarin hold sway.

Comfortable dining for the family

Comfortable dining for the family

Inside and out

The 650VI DC is a fine-looking vessel that benefits from being a proper little overnighter, for two persons at least, courtesy of its foredeck cabin. Of course, it’s a snug affair, being a boat of just 6.6m in length, but the interior is nicely appointed and attractively finished and benefits too from a watertight skylight hatch. At rest, the made-to-measure fabric harbour cover could be used to enclose the aft deck to provide additional tented protection from the elements.

Ryds 650DC VI. Kids relaxing below, enjoying the flat-screen TV.

Kids relaxing below, enjoying the flat-screen TV.

It has to be noted, of course, that there are neither camping-style cooking facilities nor a sea toilet aboard this little boat. Owners will need to improvise with portable items, but that’s all part of the fun! The standard specification, however, does include an electric fridge, but a cold-water shower is optional. The latter corresponds to the swim platforms that extend beyond the transom either side of the single Yamaha outboard installation. Another standard item is the powder-coated stern arch, which provides a useful handhold/grab point when negotiating this area and doubles as a sturdy ski pole too.

The internal design of the 650VI DC is very contemporary, non-fussy and sharp in appearance. Straight, clean lines dominate the styling and are, by nature, distinctly Nordic, with the modern EVA Floor decking also adding an air of refinement to the boat’s interior. The concept and overall design of the 650VI DC correspond well to our own market, as it lends itself to extended season use and a multitude of leisure applications. The boat’s functional attributes are likewise evidenced by means of its adaptable seating plan, which seeks to capitalise on the relatively limited internal space available within the cockpit and associated rear-deck zone. With the removable central table in place, it’s possible for six people to dine and socialise comfortably. Within all the seating units, there’s oodles of stowage and each locker unit is of a good size too. In addition, with all the backrests folded down, a large sunbed can be created to infill the rear deck.

At the helm

I have to say, I like the extended windscreen design, which tapers from the helm aft, down along the high-gunwaled sides of the craft. This feature provides added protection, particularly underway, when on the weather side in a cross wind you might experience spray whip back. Speaking of getting underway, with all seat backs in the travel position, there’s generous forward-looking seating for six people in all, and for those sat in the front seats, the windscreen height offers great protection from the elements. The helm is adequately appointed, ergonomically sound and is designed to take the option of a 9in Garmin plotter if so required. Other optional items include a Zipwake auto trim tab system, an electric windlass and a shore power pack.

Without doubt, the 650VI DC’s underside is as good as its topside.

Without doubt, the 650VI DC’s underside is as good as its topside. With Ocke Mannerfelt behind its design, the hull is created to take the chop as well as providing an exhilarating ride. The boat can be relied upon to track true, bite the water when put into a hard lock at speed and, above all, give driver confidence in a variety of sea states. It’s a fact that if the hull of a craft is less than excellent, regardless of its fit-out, the boat will always be a second-class product. So it’s really good to find Ryds investing in world-class expertise. They’re by no means unique in employing the benefits of a Mannerfelt-designed hull, but in so doing, owners can be assured of a high-quality ride, a sea-kindly passage and plenty of hydrodynamic advantage when wanting to get the best from their choice of Yamaha outboard – which, in the case of the 650VI DC, extends from 115hp to 200hp. If you go for the ‘full-fat’ option, expect an economical but super-quick outfit delivering speeds in the region of at least 55mph or more.

Ryds Switchable rear bench and swim ladder.

Switchable rear bench and swim ladder.

Standard Equipment

Bathing ladder, full LED lighting set, fire extinguisher, double battery system, full cushion set, deck window, electric bilge pump, EVA Floor decking, forward pulpit, hydraulic steering, driving canopy, Garmin 923xsv chartplotter/sonar with engine data display, cup holders, Securmark engine marking, immobiliser, windscreen wiper, USB socket. Additional ‘extras’ added by boatpoint include: mooring package, boat lock and engine lock, cartography for plotter, table, all-weather/harbour canopy, refrigerator, sun pad kit, stereo, waterski bow.


  • Length: 6.50m
  • Width: 2.50m
  • Weight: 1000kg + engine
  • Engine: 150–225 hp
  • Berths: 2 persons
  • Fuel tank: 200L


  • From: £84,350 (inc. VAT) with Yamaha 150hp outboard

735VI Outboard

Ryds 735VI Outboard

Like its smaller 650VI DC brother, the Ryds 735VI is a an easy-to-trail/launch and recover-type craft, which means that not only can the costs of ownership be minimised, but one has the benefit of much greater flexibility in terms of potential destinations/launch sites. Once afloat, the Ocke Mannerfelt hull delivers great seagoing ability and sure-footed handling. This underpins the 735VI as a viable cruising craft and one that could, in the minds of many, constitute a serious contender to the option of a RIB.

The 735VI’s cockpit/rear-deck adaptable seating plan is designed to accommodate four to five individuals. A full sunbed to the foredeck/cabin roof offers a touch of luxury, and it’s good to see the use of handrails to this area’s perimeter too. The boat’s deck plan allows for sufficient access fore and aft either side of the helm console, and the boat’s exceptionally high gunwales afford extra on-board security and weather protection for families. While of course this model lends itself to being a fine all-purpose day boat, the two-person cabin offers the opportunity for some great overnighting as well. At the very least, this dry zone also makes for an ideal ‘glory hole’ in which to shove all your belongings.

The 735VI’s standout high windscreen is a particularly likeable feature, offering excellent protection for helmsman and passengers alike. This boat is more ‘walk-about’ in nature than the 650VI DC, but it shares exactly the same design DNA, dedication to build quality and functionality. Rather bizarrely, while the model description features the word ‘outboard’, the 735VI can also be fitted with an inboard. The latter is less likely to be the first choice of most potential owners, but nonetheless, if your adventuring could include areas where dockside petrol is scarce, the diesel option is a serious one to consider. You might even go the whole ‘nine yards’ and run the boat on HVO! But either way, the 735VI offers a lot of options and gives every impression, like the 650VI DC, of being a craft highly suited to UK waters. Available from boatpoint here in the UK, prices for this model start from £109,500 (inc. VAT).


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