Twin Disc EJS Variable Idle System

In following up their Express Joystick System (EJS) and Express Positioning, launched last year, Twin Disc have now introduced a new enhanced facility. Simultaneously controlling engine speed, transmission and bow thruster through a joystick, this electronic combination has been enhanced with a ‘Variable Idle Mode’. Engine idle is automatically lowered to reduce noise and vibration, especially when station-keeping.
It’s completely automatic, so if wind and/or currents increase when using Express Positioning to hold position, the system adjusts the engine idle accordingly. Likewise, it instantly regulates the throttle when the joystick is used manually. In times of critical manoeuvring, it can be set to maintain a higher idle for an even more immediate response.
New configuration panels allow technicians to fine-tune the engine and thruster RPM controls. This allows the system to be configured for a specific vessel and the sea conditions in which it commonly operates. EJS delivers instant, reliable control of conventional shaft-driven boats. With the Twin Disc EC300 Power Commander electronic propulsion control system, it actuates engine throttle, transmissions and thrusters proportionally to the amount of pressure used. The enhancement is a software upgrade that is included in all new Express Joystick and Express Positioning systems, and can be loaded onto existing controls.


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