Ultimate Boat Shine
The best way to protect a boat’s hull has always been to cut and then wax it, often twice a season. Established boat care product manufacturers Shurhold Industries have put together a package for a perfect long-lasting shine that does not involve the long hours this task is known for.
As a boat is exposed to UV rays and salt water, oxidation occurs, leaving the surface porous. Salt and dirt get trapped in the paintwork and gelcoat, creating a chalky appearance. Traditional cutting and waxing works for a while, but will inevitably get weathered away over the season. Shurhold’s polymer-based Pro Polish makes a chemical bond with the polished surface, filling in the pores to leave a harder, longer-lasting shine.
The key to achieving the perfect polymer finish is Shurhold’s dual-action polisher, which utilises oscillating heads to eliminate swirl marks. Designed for easy ergonomic use, it can also get into those tight inaccessible areas. Shurhold advise working small areas of just a couple of feet at a time at a slow spin speed until a haze develops, rather than trying to cover big patches in one go. Finally, a microfibre towel or polisher bonnet is used to buff the surface to produce a mirror-like finish. A full presentation video can be seen on their website.
The dual action polisher costs around £150.


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