Mercury 150XS

Based on the standard Mercury 150, the 150hp Mercury 150 Pro XS outboard has been developed for those needing maximum punch from a 150hp engine. Building on the success of its smaller sibling, the 115 Pro XS, which was launched in 2016, this motor, at 3.0L, has the largest displacement in its class. The aim of this engine, helped by a 2.08:1 gear ratio, and Mercury’s ‘Transient Spark Technology’, which fine-tunes the ignition timing for the broadest spread of power, is to provide rapid hole shot times.
Though this engine has been primarily developed for US tournament fishing, it is also a perfect engine for those needing a durable high-performance engine for both commercial and leisure use. Engine speed is increased from 5800 to 6000 rpm over the standard Mercury 150, and battery output has been increased to 60 amps in order to deal with multiple electronics. The engine mounts are ‘performance-tuned’ to provide better high-speed handling.
In order to provide adequate cooling at high speed with aggressive engine trim or with jack plate mounts, the water pickup has been redeveloped. As well as standard water pickups on the side of the gear case housing, four extra pickups are located in the nose of the housing, enabling a strong water feed regardless of leg draught. This is also ideal for those that wish the engine to be high on the transom for maximum performance.
Mercury claim that this new engine has significantly lower vibration than its competitors, and that, as a result of ultra-low copper alloys, it has outstanding saltwater protection, with a three-year anti-corrosion warranty to cover it. Price to be confirmed.


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