Yamaha F2.5 Outboard
Yamaha’s latest outboard offering, the F2.5, is aimed at making powered tender use just that little bit easier. Like many small 4-stroke engines, the F2.5 does its best to be just as light and user-friendly as the superlight 2-stroke portables of old. Though it is a sleek-looking compact motor, at 17kg it does not quite reach that 13kg benchmark of the 3.3hp Mercury 2-stroke that emission regulations banished a decade ago. However, it is lighter than most, and unlike many 4-stroke outboard engines it can be laid on either side (or its front for that matter) without slowly depositing the contents of its sump into its cylinder.
Unusually for an engine of this size, it actually has a neutral gear, though no reverse, as you have to rotate the engine through 180 and grab its rear handle to go astern. Though emissions are hardly a matter of much concern on a 72cc engine, the F2.5 has had some tweaking in its induction system to make it greener and cheaper to run. Its internal fuel tank of just under a litre is now of a clear see-through construction, so there is no need for guessing or dipping your finger to see if you can make it across the harbour. Also, the oil level can be monitored via an inspection window. The tiller has been beefed up with a decent-sized throttle twist grip, and the steering has friction adjustment to eliminate overly sensitive tiller steering. Though the list price is £719 (inc. VAT), you can buy the F2.5 for £645.


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