Global communications have become more competitive with this pocket-sized device.

If you are familiar with Garmin’s recent inReach Mini, you will have a good idea of what the Bivy Stick is all about. This is the second-generation Bivy Stick that has now been acquired by US company ACR Electronics, an organisation already established in the field of emergency marine communications. 

Connecting to the user’s smartphone via an app, the Bivy Stick provides you with the ability to send and receive text messages anywhere on the globe – plus there is a predesignated distress call function, and a ‘check-in button’ for your nominated contact. It also goes further than just providing basic text communications, as you can track and share locations, access GPS mapping and view real-time weather forecasts. Bivy was originally founded by Vance Cook, an experienced mountaineer and software developer, who appreciated the need for detailed digital mapping and information in the most remote locations. Consequently, the app provides a lot of detailed ‘trail- and waterways-related’ cartography, as well as details on things like climbing routes. All of this unusual ‘off-piste’ information can be updated and improved upon by the Bivvy app community. 

The 4.5” x 1.8” device has a flexible pricing structure, so you only pay for it when you use it, with no activation fee. It is IPX67 rated, meaning it can be submerged to 1 metre. The cost at the moment is $350 in the US, with UK retail outlets to be announced soon.


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