A wide range of user-friendly features add a new dimension to Simrad’s electronics. 


Graduated trails give a clearer indication of vessel course.

The recently released Simrad software update has substantially enhanced their range of multifunction displays (MFDs). Driven by the latest technology and visual enhancements, the updates include a series of radar interface improvements, and features focused on safety. In particular, Dangerous Target Alert and enhanced integration with partner systems and compatible electronics are the key improvements now offered. 


There is no mistaking the Dangerous Target Alert.

New radar improvements make it easier to view, track and monitor vessels, and identify craft that may be a risk to the user’s course. New icons for the Automatic Identification System (AIS) and symbols for radar-tracked targets allow greater clarity of risks, and can be combined into one unified view on your screen. In addition, several new features enhance connectivity, as well as comfort and control, with certain product integrations. These include CZone Control Bar for digital switching, SteadySteer support (manual autopilot override) and Mercury Smart Tow for tubing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Smart Tow provides for easy ski, board or tube towing, based on preset performance profiles for towing, or user-defined custom profiles for the more experienced. 


The bigger picture can pack in a lot of information when needed.

This software update now provides updated icons, clearer symbols and a more vivid display for the radar range rings. The new Dangerous Target Alert warns the operator of dangerous radar and AIS targets, according to the target parameters set in the subsequent Settings and Tracked Targets menus. Dangerous Target Alert provides a simple diagram in a pop-up window that shows the range, as well as the graphical bearing and heading of the vessel in relation to the operator’s vessel. Visually, the moving radar and AIS targets will now display a graduated trail showing the vessel’s post position history for enhanced situational awareness. This tool not only alerts the user but guides them to the relative range and bearing of the dangerous target. By showing the historical target movement with clean trails, you get much less clutter on the screen than was previously shown. 

New icons for radar-tracked targets and symbols for AIS targets also make for clearer viewing, while the radar display’s new look includes a more modern Plan Position Indicator (PPI), with clearer numbers and a scaled boat icon for the user’s vessel.  

For anglers with Simrad NSS and NSO systems, there is also the benefit of SiriusXM Fish Mapping, which identifies specific locations with the highest likelihood of finding fish, based on regularly updated science-based information. It also includes SiriusXM Marine weather data, plus a range of fishing-specific information, including sea temperatures, weed lines, plankton strengths and specific locations for particular types of fish – to name just some of the benefits. For those with Honda outboards, Simrad’s latest upgrade now enables display of the Honda Eco Mode instrument bar.

Contact: www.simrad-yachting.com

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