This portable dive scooter offers unparalleled levels of performance.

At just 22kg, the AquaDart Nano claims to be the lightest and most powerful dive scooter produced. Keeping the weight down to this level means it is still ‘man-portable’, yet it can produce enough thrust to reach over 10mph with the highest level of thrust to weight in its class.

iAQUA’s revolutionary DualJet propulsion system delivers up to 60% more thrust than comparable marine jet drive systems, and does so across its total power spectrum. Conventional jet drives can waste large amounts of thrust through tunnel turbulence, meaning you can lose nearly 50% thrust, and up to 50% of your battery capacity. Working in a similar way to an aeroplane jet engine, iAQUA’s patented DualJet technology provides substantial grip and acceleration at low motor speed.

High levels of thrust mean you can rapidly reach depth.

High levels of thrust mean you can rapidly reach depth.

The Nano’s patented control triggers make for safe and simple operation. The Nano can be controlled with either left or right triggers and can be set to dual trigger operation for safety. All user information is visible in strong sunlight due to the super-bright 5in display. The screen shows battery level, speed and depth, and includes a digital compass and on-board diagnostic information. It is equipped with an on-board accelerometer, providing you with an ‘attitude indicator’ otherwise known as a ‘gyro horizon meter’. For featureless water and low-light diving, this provides you with an artificial horizon, pitch and roll, and degrees of climb/descent and lateral banking.

There is, of course, an iAQUA app, allowing you to control your Nano remotely, such as its maximum speed and power level, plus maximum depth and lighting. You can also see the battery level, and it has the ability to monitor craft systems, conduct remote diagnosis and view a visual record of your past trips, positions and dates. The Nano also has a GPS tracker, which, when combined with the app, will allow you to keep a track of all adventures using the route logs feature. This will record your track and display it on a map for future reference. There are three models: the AquaDart Nano 450 Sport, the 12mph Nano 520 Explorer and the flagship Nano 620.

The price of the 450 Sport is $5,800 direct from their website.

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