A hybrid lithium extension for conventional batteries that creates more punch, and longer life. 

With 28Ah of power per module, the LE300 is a modular plug-and-play extension to conventional battery systems – be they lead acid, gel or AGM. It is much more than a lithium add-on, as its hybrid functionalities create various advantages – effectively providing the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost of a full lithium battery bank. 

BOS Battery System

The internal cells can heat themselves in cold weather.

The LE300 was originally developed to extend the lifespan of conventional batteries in solar home systems in developing countries, and this still remains its core sphere of interest. It works via its Smart Battery System, prioritising the conventional battery during the charging process, and keeps it as full as possible during discharge. This smart hybrid has a basic rule of thumb – the LE300 for regular cycles and the conventional battery as a backup. Only during heavy-load peaks will it discharge from both units at once. This protection of the conventional battery results in a substantially extended lifespan. Even in standby, the LE300 will charge the conventional battery using its own capacity whenever needed, and possible. This means that even during several months of winter, the conventional battery can remain completely charged. 

The LE300 was designed for DIY installation, so it is an easy retro modification. It is made of high-safety lithium iron phosphate cells and protected against incorrect operation. Its cables simply need to be connected to the poles of the conventional battery, and the existing charging technology remains – no programming, no changes needed. The product’s modularity enables users to adapt capacity to their needs at any time. Starting off with one or two modules, and adding more later on, is possible – even years later. One module per 100Ah of conventional battery power is considered best value for money. However, it is possible to connect up to 24 LE300s if more capacity is required. Owners of small boats will like the space-efficient size: with measurements of 175x229x67mm per module it pretty much fits anywhere. 

The fact that each battery has its individual Management System increases the supply safety. If one fails, all others keep working, so remotely located users can be sure to have power wherever they go, thanks to double redundancy. Pure lithium battery systems do not charge well in the cold. As a result, they either turn off in low temperatures or their lifespan is significantly shortened. The LE300 comes with integrated cell heating, creating 5 to 10 °C higher temperatures internally. If the LE300 gets too cold, it turns off automatically and leaves the conventional battery to function until it gets warmer again. 

Those who have solar panels on their boat can look forward to maximised charging efficiency, as conventional batteries charge slowly when at about 80% state of charge. This is when the LE300 steps in and takes up energy surpluses – for maximised charging efficiency in the shortest period of time. Production is in Germany. 

Contact: www.smart-battery-system.com/en 


BOS Battery System

The smart system controls the different charging cycles.

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