Cory Yachts have developed their Invicta range with the introduction of the 315 model. The design is suitable for many different types of cruising, including extended passage making in all weathers or slower-speed river and estuary exploration. On-board life is focused on comfort and space for long-term living aboard.

The Invicta 315 walk-around deck design is asymmetric. The port-side deck connects the side boarding gate, wheelhouse door and cockpit on a single level, making for easy and safe movement on board. The extended wheelhouse roof option and the double bi-fold doors to the wheelhouse link the cockpit to the accommodation.

Powered by an inboard diesel engine with a fully protected shaft and rudder, a number of engine sizes are available offering cruising speeds up to 24 knots. In development is the option for hybrid power with silent electric propulsion for slow-speed cruising.

Built to order, clients have a wide choice in the specification of the boat, including layout, engine, timber species and navigation instruments.

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