Tough and cool, the Dometic CFX3 25 is the ideal adventure fridge. 

The Dometic CFX3 25 is the latest and most compact model in the CFX3 series. Designed to fit in the smallest spaces, such as behind car seats or in cockpits where space is limited, this mini fridge offers cold drinks and fresh food on the go. With its 25L capacity, it can store up to five 1.5L water bottles, or 40 25cl drink cans. Being capable of maintaining temperatures down to -22°C, or keeping food warm up to 20°C, the CFX3 series is extremely versatile. With its new innovative design, including a user-friendly interface, an app, flexible power options and efficient power consumption, it aims to provide long-term cold storage with low power requirements. 

Fitted with solid anchor points underneath to secure the unit on board, or in a vehicle, it is also easy to carry courtesy of large handles. Aftermarket fixing kits are available, providing a quick-fit four-point lash-down set-up if you need greater stability/security suitable for boat or vehicle use. As with the earlier CFX28, a quick-detach marine deck mount may become available shortly, which will hold it rock solid in the liveliest of boats. Not surprisingly, the CFX3 has the ruggedness that an outdoor adventure appliance needs – even the 12V power lead has a water-resistant seal on the input plug.

Energy efficiency is enhanced by the most recent version of its proprietary Variable Motor Speed Optimisation (VMSO3) technology, ensuring that the CFX3 has optimal compressor speed and energy efficiency. The CFX3 also now has a more powerful USB charger than its predecessors – very handy for modern-generation phones and tablets. In addition, the new control panel is weatherproof. The electronics have received an upgrade with the CFX3, as this model is now equipped with Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi remote control via an enhanced mobile app. For even better control from mobile devices, the new Dometic CFX3 app has graphs to monitor temperature and energy consumption, giving users control at their fingertips. By simply opening the app, the user can check and adjust the temperature and monitor the DC energy consumption of their Dometic CFX3. The app will also give a warning signal if the temperature deviates too much from the set point. 

The Dometic CFX3 25 is available from several retailers in the UK at prices ranging from £670 (inc. VAT) at the moment.


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