Dometic have introduced a new range of smart inverters featuring an energy-saving standby mode for a reliable 240V energy supply for sensitive on-board electronic devices. There are two model ranges, the SinePower DSP and the SinePower DSP-T, both generating pure sine wave voltage – ideal for laptops, TV sets, DVD players, hairdryers, coffee makers and even espresso machines.

The DSP-T premium series features the innovative Smart Standby Mode, which is activated when no or very little energy is consumed, thereby reducing the energy consumption to just 0.2 amps. There is also a Battery Protection Mode in which the inverter turns off completely after a certain time in standby to protect the battery. It is also possible for users to program when the inverter wakes up from standby using the remote control, the DSP-EM, which is available as an optional accessory. The DSP-T series also has an integrated mains priority circuit with voltage synchronisation, which ensures a smooth switchover from inverter supply to mains supply as soon as an external power source is applied – for example when shore power is connected.

The DSP-T premium series is available in four model versions from 1300 to 3500 W, each for 12 to 24 V. The standard SinePower DSP series inverters are available in a 12 and 24 V version in six performance categories with continuous output ratings from 150 to 2000 W. DSP models of 600W and beyond offer an energy-saving standby mode and smart remote control.

Prices for the SinePower DSP start at £123 for a 150W version and go up to £738 for the 2000W model.


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