An easy-to-fit power steering system that offers fingertip steering for boats down to 70hp. 

Dometic’s latest Xtreme Power Assist steering system brings smooth electric power-assisted steering to smaller boats. Launched at the end of last year, this system is an affordable, easy-to-install solution providing reduced steering effort for mechanically steered boats with single outboard power from 70 to 200 hp. It integrates with any existing SeaStar rack or rotary cable steering system, so there is no need to install new steering to retrofit it. Power Assist also works with both standard and tilt helms, and mounts to all major outboard brands – integrating with the boat’s mechanical steering. It is claimed that it reduces steering effort to levels similar to Dometic’s Electronic Power Steering system. Once this system is installed, the mechanical steering cable only turns the Power Assist unit, while the electric steering actuator turns the actual engine load. This system is said to differ from competitive ‘electric helm’ systems on the market, because it does not increase the load on the mechanical steering helm or cable. 

This should provide reliable long-term performance in demanding on-water conditions. However, in the unlikely event that the Power Assist unit stops functioning, a failsafe system automatically reverts to standard mechanical steering. This system is designed for easy installation by dealers or capable end-users. It has been created as a plug-and-play installation to serve as a retro upgrade, or an OEM upgrade option for the lower end of the market, where costing has to be considered more carefully.

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