Low and unobtrusive, the DORSAL Antenna enhances shorter-range VHF transmissions.

Renowned for their tough marine antennas, Shakespeare Marine’s new 5912-DORSAL antenna is not your typical off-the-shelf pole antenna. Developed from feedback from boaters around the world and designed in-house by Shakespeare, the unique fin shape of the antenna removes the chance of it getting snagged. Its super-durable outer ABS body ensures a long lifespan, particularly in harsh environments. Though it has a small profile, it can achieve impressive ranges of up to 10 miles at 25W or up to 4 miles at 1W. Its effectiveness at shorter ranges is claimed to be enhanced, making it ideal for inshore use.

For those that want clear audio entertainment, Shakespeare have also produced the 5912-DS-ENT. This is a receive-only antenna (aerial) designed to cover 0.5–110MHz, the full AM/FM and FM radio bands – naturally resonant at 98MHz. Each unit is hand-tuned for optimum reception and is designed with solid copper for enhanced performance, as opposed to conventional printed circuit antennas. The 5912 and the 5912-DS-ENT have dimensions of 4” x 2.3” x 2.5”. Both are supplied with 26ft of RG58 cable and a PL-250 plug, along with a rubber gasket. They come in white or black and have a two-year warranty.


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