Solent-based ePropulsion offer customisable modular electric power for a wide range of craft. 

H100 engine

The H100 measures only 443mm x 315mm.

This new 100kW electric motor from ePropulsion is a perfect example of compact electric motor design. Producing 100kW, it has the equivalent power of a 134hp diesel engine, but with less weight. It is also modular, and being relatively compact, should you need more power you can simply connect multiple motors inline. It measures just 443mm x 315mm, so if you needed a twin 400hp propulsion system, each footprint would be 4ft 6in long and just over 12in wide – certainly smaller than a 400hp Volvo D6. As each 100kW motor weighs just 190kg, this 300kW (400hp) motor would weigh 570kg – lighter than an equivalent diesel engine, but not hugely so. The real gains are its slim footprint, the reduction of ancillaries and the hugely reduced need for service access. 

The H100 is built using permanent magnet technology, which among other things enhances torque output, and achieves a claimed 96% level of efficiency, which is higher than an equivalent AC asynchronous electric motor. Permanent magnet technology also offers lower engine noise and smoother running. Servicing requirements are negligible, cooling is through a closed-loop system, and not surprisingly it is corrosion protected from salt water. The entire ePropulsion system can be customised using the ‘boating Internet of Things’ (IoT), including remote monitoring, system management, real-time tracking and safety alarms, and there is also a Docking Mode.

The H100 has been built with larger vessels in mind, including commercial craft up to 100m in length. Propulsion can be through shafts, pods, sail drives or sterndrives. Based on an output voltage of 540V DC, batteries are custom built to suit the needs of the vessel concerned.

ePropulsion outboards

Navy 6

The Navy 6 puts out the equivalent of 9.9hp.Complementing the H100 and the compact 3hp Spirit 1.0 Evo outboard is ePropulsion’s Navy outboard range. At the moment this comprises the Navy Evo 3.0 and the Navy Evo 6, producing 3kW (6hp) and 6kW (9.9hp), respectively. Powered by three different-sized rechargeable 48V batteries, these lightweight motors are a cleaner and smaller alternative to petrol power, while having sufficient power and range to make them credible stand-alone engines. 

The 36kg Evo 6 has been tested to 13 knots on a 12ft aluminium boat, while having a 22-mile range at this speed. Cruising at 4.5 knots will provide a 45-mile range, while speeds of 3.5 knots increase this distance to 75 miles. The three lithium iron phosphate battery options offer a weight saving of 70% over lead acid batteries and have a deep discharge cycle of 3000 to 80%. A digital display keeps track of real-time power reserves, while a magnetic kill switch and wireless MOB wrist bands offer crew safety for up to eight. The electric motor itself is brushless, and being located in the submerged torpedo housing it provides direct drive to the propeller, while achieving a high level of efficiency through direct water cooling. Controls can be remote or tiller, and shaft lengths are short or long.

OEM Pod Drive

OEM Pod Drive

The OEM Pod Drive, like the outboard, houses its direct drive motor in the torpedo housing.

For small displacement craft and sailing boats wanting a permanent electric propulsion system, the OEM Pod Drive system is an option. Using the same electric motors as the 1kW Spirit, 3kW Evo and 6kW Evo outboards, these motors have similar performance figures to their outboard counterparts and are offered with a similar range of ancillaries. There is one significant difference in that all three pods have a hydrogenation function, which enables sailing craft to recharge the E-series battery bank when under sail. Extra-fast charging for all of the E-series batteries can be achieved by connecting two ePropulsion chargers in parallel.

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