Punchy and compact, Evoy’s new electric power plants broaden their range to smaller boats. 

The compact 120hp Evoy inboard weighs just 90kg.

Norwegian company Evoy have added a new model to their electric engine range, the Breeze 120hp, in both inboard and outboard versions. Though technically a 120hp motor, it has the ability to produce up to 185hp in peak performance for short periods. It is designed to power small, fast boats needing outboard power, sterndriven craft, vessels needing water jets or shafts, as well as larger displacement boats and sailing yachts.

The Breeze is built around their 400V technology and delivered as a plug-and-play system. It is silent, and being electric, torque is unparalleled for a motor this size. The inboard weighs just 90kg, while the outboard is 190kg. Due to strong demand, stocks of the outboard Breeze are already pre-ordered and sold out through the summer season. The inboard Breeze 120hp will be available to the market in the early autumn of 2022. Evoy were founded in 2018 and are based in Florø, Norway. 


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