Reactor Autopilot Remote

The rugged, water-resistant Autopilot Remote boasts a bright, sunlight-readable colour display with a user-friendly design. With its programmable presets for quick access to your favourite functions, it is designed to let users control steering with ease – anywhere on the boat. Its most impressive feature is ‘gesture controls’ for heading hold and course corrections – simply point the remote in the desired course direction and the boat’s nose will follow, presumably courtesy of an inbuilt compass. No need to worry if the remote takes a trip overboard because it’s water-resistant and it floats. And with a 45ft range, you can steer your boat from pretty much anywhere. The Reactor Autopilot Remote includes a cradle, wrist and neck lanyards and will retail at £299.99.

GRID 20 remote input device

The easy-to-use GRID 20 remote input device provides intuitive remote access and control of an entire Garmin marine system. It features a 360-degree joystick with a rotary knob and push-to-select button for easy chartplotter menu/setting, even in rough conditions. Users can designate four favourite keys to restore their system to a previously saved configuration. There are also a variety of hard keys for quick access to important functions, including left and right screen switches, autopilot standby/engage and more. For peace of mind, there’s also a dedicated SOS key. For added flexibility, the GRID 20 can be wired via NMEA 2000, the included power cable or installed wirelessly (AA batteries required). This plug-and-play solution can be tailored to a user’s system preference with both vertical and horizontal mounting options, and its small footprint makes it convenient to integrate into a busy helm or between two displays. It will retail at £259.99.

GC 200 marine IP camera

Designed to provide added security on board their vessel, the GC 200 IP camera allows skippers to monitor areas above and below deck in clear, real-time HD video – even in low light. Unlike its cheaper wireless counterpart the GC 100, which can see in the dark out to 3m, the IR-enabled GC 200 can record footage out to 30m – so good for night pilotage/berthing. Up to four cameras can be streamed at a time on a single chartplotter or shared across multiple compatible displays on a Garmin marine network. The GC 200 IP camera features a reverse-image setting for compatible chartplotters – ideal when backing out of tight locations. It’s easy to install, and its small size makes it fairly innocuous. The camera can be mounted in virtually any orientation, because it can rotate 90/180/270 degrees. It connects via cable and is supplied in standard form with a 6m cable. It comes with a rugged, water-resistant case, so users can place it nearly anywhere they need a camera. The GC 200 IP camera is expected to cost £479.99.


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