The portable mini-torpedo that you can take anywhere.

If you like to snorkel or dive, this compact underwater scooter will expand your submerged horizons. It has a top speed of 4mph, which, if you have ever experienced it, feels like hanging on to a mini-torpedo.

Having owned a Sea-Doo underwater sea scooter for some years, I can see the advantages of the Geneinno S1 Pro. It has two wing-mounted enclosed propellers, instead of one large central enclosed prop like the Sea-Doo, which requires you to hold it below your body in order to make full use of the thrust. Consequently, the Geneinno requires less effort to use, as holding it in front of yourself makes it easy to control and steer – with the thrust passing either side of your body.

The S1 Pro is highly portable.

The S1 Pro is highly portable.

The S1 Pro looks to be a lot more effective than the original S2, which we featured some years back. As a result of substantial R&D, this new model should be an impressive water toy, suitable for a variety of users. Performance has been increased from 2.7mph to 4mph, apparently enabling it to tow two divers at once should you need to – and it can dive to a staggering 164ft. Run time has increased from 45 minutes to one hour, and the S1 Pro can have its battery changed in 10 seconds. Recharging from fully discharged takes around 1.5 hours. With powerful dual propellers providing 26lb of thrust, combined with a battery optimisation algorithm, the Geneinno has been developed to be as efficient as possible. It has two variable speeds, the lower of which is a maximum of 2.2mph, while the higher variable speed can reach the upper limit of 4mph. If you are snorkelling with it, you will just need to be aware of the fact that it can take you down to a depth much quicker than a pair of flippers will. Importantly, it has a camera mount on the front, so you can fit a GoPro or similar.

The electric motor utilises an Omni-sealed inner rotor, which is tough enough to bear the high pressure of a 164ft dive and has excellent corrosion resistance. The bearing is sealed and uses an exclusive oil. As a result, you do not need to maintain the motor, making it durable for a lifespan of over 1,000 hours. It is powered by a replaceable 6300mAh li-polymer battery, which, combined with a battery optimisation algorithm, gives it such a generous run time. The S1 Pro also comes with a detachable floater, which helps maintain positive buoyancy for extra safety. It weighs in at just 3.7kg and has a similar footprint to a 16in MacBook Pro, meaning it can easily fit into a suitcase and be taken overseas.

Geneinno are a technology company dedicated to designing modern underwater equipment, including underwater drones and sea scooters, with California-based Gear’s Joy as the distributor. The S1 Pro costs £565, with Gear’s Joy shipping directly to the UK via FedEx or USPS for £80.

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