With 3G/4G managing to reach out to 15 miles offshore in many locations, signal-boosting antenna systems have much to offer the coastal skipper. Unlike an expensive bulky sat-dome, the weBBoat 4G Lite is small enough to sit on the arch of any weekender. It may not be able to tap into the world of mainstream satellite TV/Internet, but with the ever-increasing 4G network and the advent of 5G, unless you need bags of bandwidth 24/7, this is hardly a problem. It can also amplify Wi-Fi as well as cellular signals over the same distance. It can connect with up to 24 devices, so not only can you keep tabs on the football scores but you can download navigation updates into any Wi-Fi-enabled chartplotters. It is not free, as you do have a SIM to pay for, but the advantage is no overseas roaming charges.

Glomex have tucked a lot of advanced telecommunications equipment into the compact 140mm x 200mm dome. Inside are three antennas: two high-gain/wide bandwidth 3G/4G for cellular and one for Wi-Fi. It also contains an integrated router with an Ethernet LAN port for adding hardwired, networked devices and access points.

Truly plug-and-play, installing the weBBoat 4G Lite is simple. Once mounted, it is connected to a 10‒30 V DC source. Glomex offer a wide range of brackets for mounting the 0.9kg dome. Firmware updates are automatic.

Using the weBBoat 4G Lite is easy via your phone with the Android or iOS apps. All aspects of the system are controlled while monitoring the status of the SIM card. Performance is continually monitored with direct-to-factory service report capability.



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