Slim and stylish, this new Icom is typically tough and versatile.

Icom have hardly been slow in coming forward when it comes to new products, but their latest fixed VHF radio has really brought them to the fore. Apart from its slim contemporary design and large 180-degree viewable TFT LCD screen, it brings this radio into the 2020s with its wireless smartphone control. It seems no piece of marine electronics is worth its salt now without an all-controlling app, consequently Icom have launched RS-M5OO, an app for both Android and iOS. This enables the IC-M510 to connect to up to three phones through its WLAN, allowing you to use your phone as a microphone, as a command mic in the absence of the optional command mic or as an intercom between your phone and the radio. The internal speaker enhances any received audio, and the AquaQuake feature protects it from any audio degradation that would be caused by being waterlogged.

From the beginning of 2022, a wireless CT-M500 interface box will be available, enabling the IC-M510 to connect to other electronics via NMEA 2000, without the need for direct wiring. There is also a hailer/PA feature that connects through the CT-M500, and there is an automatic foghorn function too. For those that need it, a simplified navigation function guides you to a specific recorded waypoint (up to 100), or an AIS target. It has a built-in GPS antenna, or an exterior antenna can be fitted, and you can interface to the optional stand-alone Icom MA-510TR AIS transponder. The MA-510TR has its own wide-angle colour screen, navigation functionality, MOB alarm and collision warning. True to form, this radio is IP68 waterproof and can be fitted with an optional voice scrambler, and with a depth of 2.8in (71.2mm), it can be fitted in most locations. The cost is from £530 (inc. VAT).

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