Small enough to stash in a chart bag, this power pack is big enough to start a 4.5L engine. 

This multifunction jump starter from Laser Tools is a super-efficient and extremely compact emergency engine-starting power pack. It is remarkably small but still packs a powerful punch – enough to coax most middleweight powerboats back into life. It is packed full of features: importantly, a bright LED to illuminate the work area, a flashing mode that can be used as an emergency beacon, two USB outputs for charging mobile phones and the like, an all-important type-C input/output port and a digital voltage display on the cable clamp adaptor. The unit and all accessories are supplied in a convenient and protective case. The unit is charged from a suitable USB port on a PC, taking approximately three hours to fully charge. As it does so, the power/charging LED display will cycle through the four LEDs. Once fully charged, the LED display shows four indicator lights lit, telling you it is at its peak. To jump-start a boat or car, simply connect up the cable clamp adaptor to the jump starter, connect the clamps to the battery and start the motor.

Laser Jump Starter pack can start a 4.5L petrol engine

This power pack can start a 4.5L petrol engine.

The jump starter’s two USB ports have two different outputs: output 1 is a USB QC 3.0-rated port (3.6V – 12V; 1.5A – 3A), while output 2 is a standard USB port (5V, 2.1A). These outputs are used with the supplied multifunction lead, which can deal with all possible connection scenarios. The multifunction jump starter can start diesel engines up to 3.5L, and petrol engines up to 4.5L.

Currently available from a Laser Tools supplier at £119.94 (inc. VAT).

Laser Jump Starter - Mobile phone charging is always a likely task.

Mobile phone charging is always a likely task.

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