LXNAV Marine are a branch of LXNAV, an aviation navigational equipment manufacturer based in Slovenia. Established 15 years ago, the company, mostly made up of software and hardware developers, produces high-tech avionics for aviation. After years of success and more than 20,000 instruments built for planes, the aeronautical company decided to enter the marine electronics market where aviation precision is needed.

Chartplotting technology

Since 2016, LXNAV developers have designed a full range of intuitive chartplotters ranging from 3.5” to 9”. The E-series chartplotters are pre-installed with a free OpenSeaMap nautical chart, and the 5”, 7” and 9” plotters are Navionics-compatible.

LXNAV Marine

The extremely bright instruments display engine monitoring data and the transducers are connected to the NMEA 2000 network (providing engine data, depth, speed, rudder, fluid levels, etc.). All development and production are carried out in-house, affording a high degree of quality control.

One of the strengths of LXNAV is that they provide custom solutions for boatbuilders and engine manufacturers in terms of the software interface and hardware. Sunseeker Yachts have chosen LXNAV instrumentation to equip a part of their range, in addition to VETUS for specific projects.

From battery to processor device

From battery to processor device

Smart NMEA 2000 converters

To connect the chartplotters and read all the boat’s parameters, the company developed a complete ecosystem around the NMEA 2000 network with a range of smart converters. Engine monitoring from analogue to digital, fluid converters, J1939 connection to NMEA 2000, a shunt for battery monitoring and an N2K GPS antenna are all part of the product portfolio, with the company’s main objective being to develop intuitive and intelligent marine electronic products, equipped with wireless connectivity that is easy to configure for the user. Most of the converters can be configured internal Wi-Fi, QR code and smartphone or tablet.

Multi device application

Multi device application

Boat tracking

Recently, this marine electronics manufacturer entered the boat tracking market with SmartGPS. This boat tracking technology reads the NMEA 2000 data, allowing users to display the data from the NMEA 2000 network. This represents a big advantage and means the LXNAV tracking system is well advanced in the field.
The tracking device comes with a 4G SIM card and integrated GPS antenna that is NMEA 2000 supported, so it can be extended to any other chartplotter as well. One of the main key features is the ability to report a precise position, which is very useful for rental fleets, especially in rocky areas.

In addition, the plug-and-play device reports the status of the N2K transducers connected to the backbone, including the speed, battery status, depth, fuel consumption and engine parameters, and generates a precise trip history, with charts and statistics. Geofencing zones and alert notifications are among the tracking solutions offered by LXNAV.


The device is also suitable for boat and engine manufacturers that are looking to track and improve their engine’s performance. Compared to existing brands on the market offering similar solutions, such as live tracking and NMEA 2000 monitoring, LXNAV proposes three data plan packages for a 12-month subscription at competitive prices.

The Slovenian company is currently growing fast in the marine sector, with an increasing number of distributors in Europe, the USA and Middle Eastern countries.

For further information go to www.marine.lxnav.com

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