A powerful long-legged workhorse from the Mercury stable.

To give credit where credit is due, Mercury Marine have done a great job in keeping us focused on their products in recent years. The arrival of their 7.6L V12 Verado was a game changer, and then they hit us with their 5.7L V10 Verado at the end of last year (PBR Issue 180). Now this impressive engine block has taken on another identity with the 350hp SeaPro. 

In keeping with the SeaPro range, the V10 SeaPro has been specifically tailored to the needs of the commercial market. This high-torque engine has a wide spread of power, making it ideal for heavier commercial boats that clock up lots of sea miles. Consequently, the V10 SeaPro features an all-new rugged gear case with advanced hydrodynamics for increased efficiency and durability. It is claimed to have three times the lifespan of a comparable recreational gear case. In addition, Mercury have also launched an advanced Electric Steering system. Instead of hydraulics, the system utilises a compact electric steering actuator, freeing up space in the boat while allowing for cleaner transom rigging. It also consumes less than half the power of electro-hydraulic steering, leaving more power for the on-board accessories that commercial craft often need. This steering system is compatible with all Mercury V10 and V8 Verado outboards with the Advanced MidSection (AMS) and will also be compatible for single-engine boats later this year. A new 150A alternator supports the heavy loads of those board accessories, and to maintain this, Adaptive Speed Control maintains engine RPM despite changes in conditions.

Calibrated to deliver full performance on standard 87-octane fuel, the V10 SeaPro also features efficiency-enhancing technologies, such as Advanced Range Optimization, which adjusts the fuel/air mixture for optimum efficiency in accordance with RPM and loading. Precision-tuned intake and exhaust manifolds, combined with fuel-injector covers, minimise noise, making the V10 SeaPro 28% quieter at cruise than a leading competitor.

The V10 SeaPro outboard comes standard with the Advanced MidSection, making it compatible with Mercury Joystick Piloting for Outboards (JPO) for multi-engine applications. JPO provides fingertip control to move forward, sideways and to rotate in tight confines. The V10 SeaPro outboard will be available in the summer of 2023.


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