Considering the deluge of high-tech electronics in recent years, Navico’s new ‘information display’, or ID for short, on the face of it looks like just another plotter. However, its tablet-like appearance and flush construction, combined with an impressive level of versatility, make it a one-stop station in terms of vessel management and control.

An advanced configurable graphical user interface acts as the heart of the information display, presenting the information most boaters need, and when they need it. The software features predefined contextual modes that display all relevant data for the current boating situation. The predefined modes include System Checks, Cruising, Anchoring and Water Sports. Custom modes can also be easily configured to the manufacturer’s specifications to match the vessel to which they are originally supplied, or to suit the skipper’s specific needs, e.g. cruising, fishing, passage making, etc.

Consisting of a bonded-glass display and a powerful external integration hub, information displays will be available with a choice of Lowrance, Simrad or B&G electronics. Each ID consists of one or more displays bridged together to function as one integrated system. Through its integration hub, it uses Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, along with Sonar, USB, CAN and NMEA 2000 ports to connect to all on-board systems. This enables digital switching control of all systems that you choose to link to the hub. This simplifies and unclutters the helm from having a variety of different switches, though crucial controls like trim tabs by their nature should remain stand-alone. Long-life display technology and an easy-to-upgrade hub installation simplify the change-out process for upgrades – something not easily done with off-the-shelf electronics. Prices start from £640 for the smallest single 9in display and go up to £2,800 for a dual 12in display.

The Simrad IDs made their debut at the METSTRADE show at the end of last year, while Lowrance and B&G Information displays will be available this year.

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