The 6hp Cruise 3 is the smallest engine in the range.

Electric propulsion gets more punch and durability with Torqeedo’s upgraded range of engines.

Shown for the first time at the Miami Boat Show was the newly upgraded range of electric Cruise motors by Torqeedo. The new higher-powered Cruise motors now consist of 3kW, 6kW and 12kW models (6hp, 9.9hp and 25hp equivalents) in outboard and fixed-pod configurations.

Designed to work with Torqeedo’s Power series of lithium-ion batteries, the Cruise motors have been completely re-engineered with up to 50% more power. In keeping with this power increase, Torqeedo have enhanced cooling/thermal management, given the engines’ quieter and more durable helical gears, and improved the tiller functionality. Despite these higher power ratings, these engines are still the lightest electric outboards in their power class. The Cruise fixed pod’s motor is encased within the submerged torpedo housing, with steering via a rudder. Not aimed at the planing boat sector, these pods are ideal for smaller displacement and day boats.

The 25hp Cruise 12.0 is a great power option for a small RIB or inflatable.

The 12.0 and 6.0 models also now come with Torqeedo’s advanced TorqLink data network, which simplifies the system set-up. TorqLink can also seamlessly communicate with solar and AC generators in hybrid configurations when paired with Torqeedo’s Power 48-5000 lithium-ion batteries. The Power 48-5000 is a 44.4V battery with substantially more energy density, and a 50% longer life cycle than typical lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Developed from existing automotive technology and using BMW i battery modules, this battery, at just 36.5kg, can be connected in parallel with other 48-5000 batteries to provide a substantial range for a Cruise outboard engine. An example of this is the RAND Mana 23, a Danish electric day cruiser powered by a Cruise 12kW outboard, with three Power 48-5000 lithium-ion batteries and a TorqLink throttle. The boat’s hull design with its reduced hydrodynamic drag provides cruising speeds of up to 12 knots. The electric propulsion system is charged by solar cells neatly covered out of sight, under the aft sun lounge. Also making its US debut was the new Deep Blue 50kW (67hp equivalent) sail drive system, which took top honours in the Boat Builder Award competition at the 2021 METSTRADE exhibition. This new Deep Blue power plant was developed in partnership with ZF transmissions of Germany, who developed the transmission and drive leg. It uses the existing inboard 50kW Deep Blue engine that Torqeedo recently produced for shaft-driven planing/displacement craft. Other new enhancements in the Deep Blue product range include an upgraded 22kW shore power charger and a DC interface that makes it easier to manage third-party DC range extenders.

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