A suite of multi-tasking electronics providing enhanced situational awareness in all conditions.

In keeping with their drive to be at the forefront in terms of ‘next-generation electronics’, Raymarine launched a range of new products at boot Düsseldorf. The range is headed up by the Axiom 2 Pro, a powerful line of multifunction chartplotters. This new Axiom is supported by the RVM1600 (a powerful all-seeing CHIRP sonar module and transducer), the CAM300 (a compact day/night IP camera) and a new range of electronic charts to make fingertip navigation even easier.

Axiom 2 Pro

The Axiom 2 Pro is the most powerful Axiom chartplotter developed by Raymarine to date, delivering a fluid and highly intuitive electronic navigation experience. This new all-in-one display, powered by the latest LightHouse 4 operating system, integrates with Raymarine’s navigation network, including radar, autopilot, LightHouse charts and FLIR thermal night vision technology. The upgraded six-core processor enables faster chart scrolling, instant response and the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously.

The Axiom 2 Pro is developed with Raymarine’s exclusive HydroTough coating, which repels water for reliable touch screen control in all conditions. Users also benefit from customisable keypad controls across all size models, including a choice of autopilot control or programmable soft keys. There is also the Axiom 2 Pro S, with embedded High CHIRP sonar, which is designed for motor boaters and sailors wanting an all-in set-up. For the fisherman, there is the Axiom 2 Pro RVM model, which features the all-new RealVision MAX built-in sonar.

This new sonar technology builds upon Raymarine’s existing sonar technology, allowing users to see deeper and with more clarity.


CAM300 Video Camera

The rugged IP66-rated CAM300 mini day/night IP camera is equipped with an HD video sensor and transforms the Axiom into a powerful on-board observation system. This compact camera can be combined with the AR200 sensor, enabling ClearCruise augmented reality – an impressive user experience that overlays AIS targets, waypoints and chart objects directly onto Axiom’s high-definition video display. Up to four video streams can be viewed simultaneously on a single Axiom display. For close-up night vision, infrared emitters provide excellent visibility up to 10 metres.


RVM1600 Sonar Module with RealVision MAX

The RVM1600 is a remotely mounted sonar module for those wanting maximum sonar awareness. It is embedded with RealVision MAX CHIRP sonar technology, delivering greater clarity and improved fish imaging. In terms of multi-channel sonar capabilities, DownVision, SideVision, 3D and conventional CHIRP sonar have all been substantially upgraded. Consequently, they all now benefit from extended range from a powerful all-in-one 600W transducer providing sonar readings right down to 3,000ft.

RVM-400 Through Hull Transducer

The remotely mounted RVM1600 module has multi-channel sonar capabilities.

LightHouse charts – NEW

LightHouse Charts Australia/New Zealand

Raymarine are also launching a new range of expanded regional LightHouse charts. Created from official hydrographic chart sources, LightHouse charts offer maximum readability and intuitive navigation. With a premium subscription, skippers have access to an ever-expanding points-of-interest library, enabling them to quickly find local marinas, fuel berths, restaurants, supermarkets and more. The charts benefit from improved draw speed and are available on preloaded microSD cards. The new regions include Western Europe, Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Australia and New Zealand, while North America charts have been updated.

LightHouse Charts North America


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