Premium glass bridge chartplotters with a powerful punch …

Axiom 2 XL, the new flagship of the Raymarine Axiom family, is a powerful six-core processor system. This range of MFDs is available in 16, 19, 22 and 24in diagonal display sizes – the biggest so far. The large-format navigation and the intuitive user-friendly simplicity of the LightHouse 4 operating system make these plotters certainly no less easy to use than their previous smaller siblings. Designed for all weather conditions, the rugged Axiom 2 XL displays are at home in open cockpits or enclosed glass bridge stations. With powerful six-core processors, expanded networking and ultra-bright ‘HydroTough’ displays, the Axiom 2 XL is a chartplotter for skippers who need to keep watch on a wealth of information.

Raymarine Axiom 2 XL

Raymarine Axiom 2 XL

The key features of the system are as follows:
1. A slim bezel display allows the largest possible displays in a relatively small footprint.
2. HydroTough nano-coating repels water for reliable touch screen control, and improved sunlight visibility.
3. Smart backlighting and an ambient light censoring automatically adjust display brightness for day and evening.
4. You can create your own glass bridge system with multiple interfaced Axiom 2 XL displays.
5. Three ethernet ports simplify remote camera and RMK-10 remote keypad connectivity.
6. Entertainment comes with streaming apps and the Axiom 2 XL’s HDMI and audio output for remote displays and marine entertainment systems.

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