Compact on-board air sanitisation destroys those musty boating odours. 

The Ozonator is a portable system that can be left to clean unoccupied areas.

Reaction Group, a UK company already established in the field of clean air, has launched a system built for the boater in the COVID world. React-Air Elevate is perfect for sanitising a wide variety of craft – both pleasure and commercial. It removes all viruses and bacteria from the air, and from all those surfaces, fabrics and hard-to-reach areas. It also neutralises odours like the musty smells that boats develop when left locked up. 

React-Air Elevate has an ultraviolet UV-C function, the Destroyer UV-C array, which can be installed in line with most air conditioning systems – cleaning and recycling air that goes back into the cabins. Independently tested by an FDA-approved lab – Bioanalysis in California – the Destroyer has been proven to kill COVID-19, and has the test reports to confirm it. The React-Air Elevate system also monitors and reports on carbon dioxide (CO2) levels within your environment. By downloading the React-Air mobile app, you can easily monitor the levels of CO2 within your boat, with past levels stored on a cloud portal.

A portable option is also available – perfect for keeping marine environments feeling and smelling fresh. The React-Air Ozonator is a powerful ozone generator that can be set to activate when the boat is unoccupied, filling it with ozone gas. When the ozone comes into contact with items and surfaces, it eradicates viruses and bacteria, sterilising everything it touches.

The Elevate is a compact 5kg unit.

The React-Air Elevate unit measures 350mm x 200mm x 160mm, weighs 5kg and emits 36dB when running.

The React-Air Ozonator unit measures 400mm x 250mm x 450mm, weighs 5kg and emits 40dB when running.

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