Manufacturers and distributors Ring Powercraft have been appointed as the official partner to work alongside aluminium and high-speed craft builders Arksen to produce a new range of power vessels, built to accommodate a wide range of uses, including pleasure, adventure, diving, tourism, charter, expeditions and research. Ring Powercraft have established a reputation for producing high-performance hulls with a high level of manoeuvrability and rough-water handling, which are already being utilised in commercial and military markets.

Sustainable approaches and methodologies will be applied to the design and production of these vessels, which will be offered with a range of power and propulsion options to suit different users, including outboards, sterndrive and water jet propulsion systems, with petrol, diesel and hybrid power plants.

Ring CEO David Jackson commented on the partnership: ‘Arksen’s innovative approach is a perfect fit with our strategy on development projects, and together we plan to deliver a unique British offering in short- and medium-range adventure boating. Our experience in the commercial and defence sectors will add durability, range and no-fail mission features.’

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