The mini glovebox that provides 10W of waterproof wireless charging power …   

For those that need it, a conventional cradle is available.

On-board wireless phone charging has taken a big leap forward with Scanstrut’s latest chargers, the Cove 10W and Cove 10W LED. Running from a DC power supply of between 10 and 30 V, the Cove can get your phone back on full charge 60% faster than the current generation of wireless phone chargers.

This IPX6 waterproof Qi-certified wireless charging range enables wireless charging in an outdoor environment. Designed from the ground up, this is the world’s first waterproof wireless charge system created specifically for use on board. What is interesting is that this powerful 10W technology is housed in an IPX6 fully encapsulated and sealed unit. The Cove 10W and Cove 10W LED are constructed so that you can just quickly place your phone into a mini glovebox-like enclosure for secure charging and storage – no need to fit into a cradle as is normally the case. The internal grippy mat stops the phone sliding about inside, and the internal dimensions are big enough for the latest generation of smartphones. If you are worried about getting water inside, the Cove automatically drains either out of the front or, if needed, through a drain at the rear of the housing, with the option to use a push-fit drain tube too for water run-off.

In terms of fitment, you will need a depth of just under 5in behind the bulkhead into which it is mounted, and the footprint of the Cove is 8.6in x 4.9in. For those that need a traditional dash-mounted system, Scanstrut’s latest 10W wireless technology is also available in a cradle charger.

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