An all-singing, all-dancing system that takes the guesswork out of shock mitigation.

Designed and manufactured by Dyena Systems in the UK, SeaTRAX is the perfect shock mitigation tool. Primarily designed to meet the requirements of pilot vessels, it was developed in collaboration with PD Ports in the UK and the Australian Reef Pilots. Real-time information on vessel pitch, roll and heave is displayed alongside the impact and vibrations received by vessel and crew. The skipper can make an immediate assessment of the conditions and act accordingly. 

The intuitive layout is simple to read in all conditions, with current and peak readings displayed graphically and numerically on the 7in touch screen, which is dimmable for night passages. The compact SeaTRAX base unit is mounted to the vessel, and a remote sensor attaches to the helmsman’s seat. Extra remote sensors can be added to measure accelerations throughout the vessel, or to monitor the whole-body vibration exposure of other crew and passengers. Installation is simple, with all cables and connectors supplied. Data can be subsequently downloaded for reporting or analysis. The system is very simple to fit and works straight out of the box, with a clear and intuitive display. It is intended to be a stand-alone system, but it can be expanded on and linked with other products if needed.

This new technology is being put to the test in earnest at PD Ports, where SeaTRAX has been installed in their latest pilot boat. This particular state-of-the-art vessel was built to provide the best possible crew environment in extreme conditions. The system provided the skipper with real-time information, allowing him to adjust course or speed to improve fuel efficiency and crew comfort. Following this successful trial, PD Ports will be installing SeaTRAX across their fleet from the North-East to the south coast.


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