Tough and functional, the new shock-absorbing S6 can suffer more than its occupants.

shockwave s6

This heavy-duty module rides on a custom FOX Float 3 shock absorber.

Canadian-based SHOCKWAVE will be replacing their successful S5 suspension seat module with a new S6. Designed for commercial and recreational boats, this new module is ideal for any vessel that operates in heavy seas. It is also particularly well suited to boats carrying people of different heights and weights. 

Apart from being tough and stable, it is fully adjustable in height and has a height range of 75cm. It has an easily accessed ratchet system for precise height adjustability and provides 140mm of shock travel. It can handle occupants up to 136kg (21 stone), with deck accelerations of up to 6g. It uses a custom-tuned FOX Float 3 shock absorber and can be paired with either the SHOCKWAVE Commander seat or any seat with a matching bolt-mounting pattern. Engineered for moderate to heavy sea conditions, it is offered in an anodised black finish to provide improved corrosion protection. 

The S6 suspension module is compatible with all SHOCKWAVE recreational product accessories, notably the slide, swivel and swivel/slide for mounting customisation. It aims to fill the gap in the product line between the outgoing recreational suspension module, the S5, and the professional suspension seat, the S2. This will then offer the end-user a broader range of applications with a slightly lighter-duty suspension system than the extreme-use S2. 

The retail price of the SHOCKWAVE S6 is $2,480 – the same price as its predecessor, the S5.


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