Simrad AP48

The new Simrad AP48 autopilot controller is a dedicated control head for Simrad Continuum autopilot systems housed within an optically bonded 4.1″ full-colour display. It provides an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle with full access to Continuum steering and a variety of features including Automated Turn Patterns, No Drift Steering and Depth Contour Tracking. In addition, a large rotary control dial and dedicated dodge keys provide easy incremental course adjustment.

The AP48 offers users the same intuitive interface as the AP44, but with the aforementioned larger rotary control dial and dedicated dodge keys, as well as other extended keypad controls. The rotary dial provides precise steering control, while the dodge keys enable instant heading changes in 1- or 10-degree increments, designed for optimal control in all conditions. Like many of the modern electronics emerging onto the market, the AP48’s large buttons are ideal for use with wet or gloved hands in an open boat.

Constructed to do much more than just keep a vessel on course, the new controller gives users easy access to a range of built-in turn patterns to assist with fishing, diving or just making a quick and efficient U-turn. Boaters can customise turn patterns to execute complex spirals, zigzags and other useful manoeuvres.

With an echo sounder there is the option of depth contour tracking, where the AP48 is set to autosteer to maintain a constant water depth beneath the vessel – perfect for following depth contours while fishing without having to define complex multi-waypoint routes.

A simple on-screen commissioning process when newly fitted involves a process known as ‘dockside configuration and sea trial’. In this mode the AP48 provides automatic tuning to ensure optimal autosteering performance. Automatic compass calibration is available with the Simrad Precision-9 solid-state compass, thereby simplifying autopilot set-up.


The AP48 is expected to be available from July at a cost of £960 (inc. VAT).


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