This fully featured ‘ultrawide’ MFD is an industry first. 

Providing all the benefits of twin MFDs, the new NSX Ultrawide takes up less space than having two plotters on the dash. Simrad state that it delivers ‘show-stopping aesthetic and enhanced functionality, while setting a new standard in the marketplace’. They quite realistically point out that people have grown accustomed to, and love, the benefits of ultrawide screens with both TVs and PC monitors. As a result, Simrad now offer the same experience at the helm, with ‘immersive graphics’ and flexible screen-viewing splits.

Available in 12in and 15in screen sizes, the NSX Ultrawide is a versatile premium solution for a wide variety of vessel types. Boaters can upgrade their helm to a simpler and more premium display, with a revolutionary aspect ratio providing better functionality. The NSX is perfectly optimised for full-page applications and application splits, as well as uninterrupted data flows that are easier to digest. Users can also create truly unique dashboards, combining multiple ultrawide displays to best fit their needs. With ease of use at its core, this platform was designed to create a seamless user experience.

Simrad NSX Ultrawide MFD

The chart experience on the NSX Ultrawide is claimed to be ‘like never before’. The latest C-MAP DISCOVER X charts are optimised specifically for the NSX, enabling high pixel density to show super-sharp resolution, while providing unprecedented levels of detail. For avid anglers, extra detail can be added with an upgrade to REVEAL X, featuring incredible shaded relief and satellite imagery. C-MAP’s new X-Gen charts also unlock a host of new features, such as new Safety Alerts – built to automatically alert users to hazards ahead, ranging from shallow water to buoys. An industry first, C-MAP X-Chart Manager lets users manage C-MAP chart updates and upgrades directly from their device, with the ability to choose custom areas for a near-instant download.

Prices are £3,116 (inc. VAT) for the 12in Ultrawide, while the 15in Ultrawide comes in at £3,870 (inc. VAT), with UK availability this spring. 


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