With two years of R&D behind it, the NSX aims to be a game-changing chartplotter.

Quick and easy autorouting.

Simrad’s new multifunction display (MFD), the NSX, is the latest in a stream of multi-tasking MFDs aimed at making navigation less of a chore. Following two years of R&D and extensive customer feedback, Simrad claim that it is at the forefront of evolution in chartplotters and fish finders. Being a mid-range system, it is available in 7in, 9in and 12in display sizes. Based on a new operating system, it is ‘built from the ground up, to redefine boating experiences’.

The NSX features an innovative and modern interface, with a new intuitive touch screen display and crystal-clear views. It is built with open-cockpit boats in mind, so its touch screen facility will work in wet weather. The display definition is superb, notably the shaded relief on land and on the seabed – impressive for a ‘mid-range’ system. The night vision mode is equally outstanding, possibly the best I have seen so far. Charting is courtesy of the new C-MAP Reveal X digital charts, providing a very high standard of satellite imagery overlay. The level of satellite detail can be controlled – important when you do not want an information overload. Like many systems, it has the ability to plot a route to anywhere you place your finger on the display. In this case, it takes out all the guesswork and detailed chartwork by plotting a safe route around any navigation hazards. Autorouting also enables users to integrate easily with their radar, while getting the most out of their autopilot systems.

The clarity and detail of relief are impressive.

The drag-and-drop display is simple and intuitive, so you can quickly customise your NSX as it suits you – and in accordance with your specific cruising needs on the day. Simple set-up wizards guide users through each step during device set-up, and Simrad app integration makes connectivity from your smartphone straightforward. The operating system allows users to expand the NSX with additional functionality, providing easy integration and support for a wide range of third-party applications. Those who love fishing can utilise it to view high-resolution images below and to the sides, with Active Imaging and CHIRP sonar, SideScan/DownScan Imaging and FishReveal. Should you need to, you can search greater depths with a wide range of compatible transducers. 

There is a full suite of Simrad technology at the touch of a finger, with networking/connectivity solutions, including modem plug-in for additional connectivity to devices, and an ethernet port for full networking capabilities.

Available now, prices start at £899 (inc. VAT). 


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